Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency


The State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency oversees the gaming operations of the Maryland Lottery, as well as smaller ancillary games such as online fantasy competitions and sports wagering. Its responsibilities include regulating licensed gambling establishments, regulating video lottery terminals, regulating small games of chance, and approving private licensees.

As its name implies, the state lottery has a few special games. These include the jackpot-worthy Multi-Match, a lottery game with nine prize levels and a minimum prize of $500,000. Other special lottery games in the state of Maryland include the Bonus Match 5 and the Fast Play instant games. Both of these are similar to scratch-off tickets, but have the bonus of being instant. There is also a lottery game with a jackpot of $1 billion.

Aside from the Powerball, the lottery has several other games, including the Pick 5 and the Cash4Life. The Fast Play is an instant game that’s sold in self-service vending machines. Players can pick from a list of thousands of winning tickets. In the most basic version, players choose five numbers from a field of sixty. One of these numbers is selected for a random multiplier. Usually, all of the players are given a chance to win a prize. But the prize pool is determined by the value of the buyin.

While the Powerball is the official lottery game of the United States, many other states offer their own versions. For example, in Florida, the Pick 3 game offers prizes ranging from $25 to $500. And, there’s the multi-state Cash4Life, a game in which players can pick from one to 60 numbers and win a prize. If they are lucky enough to match all of the numbers, they win the grand prize of $50,000.

The state lottery has its own mascot. The most famous of these is the cash ball, which is a lucky number that is randomly chosen by the player. This mascot has been around for decades, though it’s gotten a makeover in recent years. The Cash Ball is also the subject of a special promotional campaign.

Another wacky, but fun, ad is the Maryland Video Lottery Program, which regulates slots gambling. It operates under a central computer system. Many of the terminals are video-based, which means that players have to announce their winnings. However, the most impressive thing about the program is its ability to keep track of all of the slot machines, allowing the Lottery to distribute money to worthy causes. Some of this money goes to a special fund that goes to the Baltimore City Public School Construction Financing Fund.

On the other hand, the multi-function Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency has an official website. The agency is operated by employees, who oversee the various lottery and gaming programs. They also administer the Responsible Gambling Program, which helps individuals who may be addicted to gambling to recover and reclaim their lives. Additionally, the agency is responsible for a Voluntary Exclusion Program, which provides an avenue for individuals who may have an addiction to gambling to get help.